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Child-friendly gite
with private pool
sleeps 7 adults
plus 2 cots

Headling One

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Food and Drink

It is impossible to talk about this region without mentioning food and drink as they are both an essential part of the Gascon culture. The Landes region is situated at a wonderful gastronomic cross-roads between the rich country cooking of Gascony, spicy Basque and Spanish dishes from the south, and to the north, the seafood from the Bay of Arcachon and wine sauces from Bordeaux.

If you enjoy a wholesome gastronomic experience then Les Landes is the ideal location.


Evening meal

Gascon Food

Gascony cooking is a combination of many simple, hearty choices based on exceptional quality of produce, conjured up with tender loving care in traditional ways, to bring out their natural flavours. The food served is fresh, unadulterated, very tasty and totally unpretentious.
In the area, you'll be find a wide range of restaurants: from the simple ferme-auberge to the Michelin guide starred, where you can sample to local dishes.
And you'll also enjoy the small local markets with their thousand and one colours and flavours, but for serious markets lovers, the renowned market of Eauze on the Thursday morning is a must.

Wine on terrace

Wine and Armagnac

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the Bordeaux wines but you might want to try the less well-known wines from the vineyards in the Gers: the Côtes de Gascogne, the Pacherenc whites, and the Madiran reds, especially rich in anti-oxidants, possibly the healthiest wine in the world!

The Bas-Armagnac region produces the most prestigious Armagnacs. You can taste it from the local Châteaux, some of them world-renowned. You’ll find Armagnac is used everywhere, in many drinks for the aperitif, but also in the food, for example to perfume cakes and even ice-cream.


To help you find your way through the menus, we've compiled a local food and drink guide that you can browse through at the house.




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